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MIIJI Beauty Supplements

MIIJI Beauty Supplements

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The 2-week SURE WAY to shed those pounds off.!
The MIIJI 15-day Program Bundle!

We understand that you want to shed off those pounds and you don't know how to start. Let's talk appetite suppression and calorie deficit! This MIIJI bundle is the new TAG TEAM to back you up when dieting goes tough!


When to drink: Breakfast. An hour
after taking MIIJI Garcinia Cambogia

• Boosts Metabolism
• Fat-burning
• Filling (reduces hunger)
• Increases muscle mass and strength
• Maintains fat loss
• Stay fit as you age
• Lowers blood pressure
• Helps repair your body after
an injury


When to drink: Dinner Meal

• Boosts Immune system
• Meal replacement for fat loss
• Filling (reduces hunger)
• Packed with vitamins and minerals
• Maintains fat loss
• Stay fit as you age
• Increased Energy
• Decrease inflammation and
reset your body


Shipping & Returns

We promise to always try our best to get your order to you as quickly as possible. If we have all your items on hand, we aim to process your order within 1-2 business days upon ordering. However, please note that processing times may be slightly longer during peak periods (i.e. during promo offers and public holidays).

Once we have processed your order, you will receive the tracking number for your order via e-mail and/or SMS. If you do not receive a tracking number on the 4th business day after you place your order with us, please contact us on seak.ph@icloud.com

Please note that Seak Beauty will not be responsible or will not have to pay for damages or losses that:

  • are not caused by their conduct or their products once the item has been dispatched (i.e incorrect address, stolen parcels delivered within the customer specified address)
  • relate to something independent of their business, after the goods left their control. 

Kindly ensure that the delivery address on your order is correct, if under the circumstances of lost/undelivered parcels please reach out first to the assigned courier with the tracking notification provided to you and inform us of the incident and we will do our best to follow through with their office. 


Care Instructions

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