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G21 Perfect Skin Serum

G21 Perfect Skin Serum

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G21 Perfect Skin Serum

🧡G21 Skin Perfecting Acne Serum 15 Ml FACTS!

✔Products are all made from organic ingredients, so it's def safe to use.

✔Fights Pimples/Acnes💋

✔Blackheads & Whiteheads remover

✔Helps to moisturize your dry face

✔Skin lightening effects:

❌Pimple marks


❌Dark Spots

☑️Healthier & bloomer skin

☑️ Whitening and Anti-ageing

💛 Pink Serum contains:

💛 Aloe Vera & Vit.C

💛Collagen & Snail Extract


💛Helps you achieve that glassy Korean face

These compounds of ingredients are best for Whitening, removing pimples/acne, pimples marks.

ANNOUNCEMENT: We have Reformulated (Improved) The Perfect skin serum. How do we do it? We make them 4 colors (blue,violet,pink,yellow,orange) with the same effect to bring on the table. 5 colors but all of it has the same benefits.

Yes! We make them the most cutest yet effective serum for you 🍭 So, What’s new? 💛💜 This Serum is now loaded with more active ingredients that make it more potent:

Skin barrier repair

•skin hydration

•sebum control

•pore reduction

•skin luminousity and uniformity Order now!

❤️ #FDAapproved #G21 #Improved


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